Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

The responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of a radiation safety program belongs to the Radiation Safety Committees (RSC). At UCLA, the RSC and the four subcommittees – the Academic Radiation Safety Committee (ARSC), the Clinical Operations Radiation Committee (CORSC), the Medical Radiation Safety Committee (MRSC), and the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) – are responsible for the policies and procedures pertaining to the use of radiation.

UCLA’s Commitment to Research Safety

Laboratory safety is important to all of us at UCLA. A culture of safety is not only essential to the successful and responsible conduct of research, but also to our educational and training mission as a world-class university. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining the highest levels of safety in all of our research laboratories and training spaces. … Read More

Introducing Research Safety & Animal Welfare Administration (RSAWA)

In 2009, the Office of Animal Research Oversight (OARO) was established following dissolution of the Office for Protection of Research Subjects. With the creation of OARO, the ARC administrative staff separated from our human subjects oversight colleagues to focus on service to the following audiences: the public, by upholding the highest legal and ethical standards of animal care; the University, … Read More

Requirements for Identifying and Reporting Medical Events Involving Radioactive Material

With the recent adoption of federal regulations governing the medical use of radioactive material, the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) would like to remind all clinical users of radioactive material of the requirements for the timely identification and reporting of medical events. Please see the attached document for specific criteria and reporting requirements.

Message from Vice Chancellor for Research James Economou

Vice Chancellor for Research James Economou sent a Deans and Directors Memo on May 1, 2012 regarding the reorganization of UCLA’s Radiation Safety Program and summary of goals for the coming year. Please see the attached document for the complete text.

Regulatory Guidance for PET Radiopharmaceuticals

Regulatory guidance went into effect December 12, 2011 regarding positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals used in clinical and research procedures. As of that date, production of PET radiopharmaceuticals must comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and/or USP chapter 823 guidelines and thus should be reflected in the MRSC/RDRC protocol reviews. For more information about the changes, please see the … Read More

Radiation Safety Committee Reorganization

At the request of Vice Chancellor for Research James Economou, the Radiation Safety Committee and subcommittees underwent reorganization in 2011 in order to better fulfill UCLA’s regulatory obligations and to enhance radiation safety for faculty, staff, students and patients. The Office of the Radiation Safety Committees (ORSC) was created to provide administrative support for each of these important committees. As … Read More