The IBC staff are working remotely. Committee and PI meetings are held via Zoom. IBC staff can offer assistance over the phone or via Zoom. Email or call (310) 794-0262 for help.

The UCLA Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) was established as the local review body responsible for oversight of all research activities – including teaching laboratories – involving the use of hazardous biological material and recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids, as required and outlined in the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules (NIH Guidelines) and the CDC/NIH Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL). The IBC is a faculty-led committee appointed by the UCLA Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) and consists of experts in various fields, including biosafety, human gene therapy, infectious disease, recombinant DNA, animal containment, plant containment, and occupational health. The IBC is responsible for establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures involving hazardous biological materials and recombinant/synthetic nucleic acids to meet applicable federal, state, local and institutional regulations and guidelines.

The IBC reviews and approves protocols for academic research and teaching laboratories involving the following materials:

  • Recombinant/synthetic nucleic acid molecules, as covered by the NIH Guidelines
  • Infectious agents that can cause disease in healthy humans and/or significant environmental or agricultural impacts, as covered by the BMBL
  • Select agents and select toxins, as covered by the CDC DSAT regulations
  • Human and nonhuman primate materials, as covered by the Cal/OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
  • Genetically-modified animals and whole plants, as covered by the NIH Guidelines

At its discretion, the IBC may also review protocols involving animals or animal specimens known to be reservoirs/vectors of zoonotic diseases.


Posted On February 2, 2024
Laboratory Safety Awareness Week
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Posted On November 7, 2023
PI Responsibility for Lab Closeout
Safety Oversight Committee To: Administrative Officers, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Faculty, Principal Investigators, Vice Chancellors and Vice Provosts Dear Colleagues: Principal Investigators (PIs) of research laboratories that are ending their supervision of the laboratories, ...
Posted On August 22, 2023
Invitation: 2023 Workshop On Laboratory Safety @ UCLA Sept 17-19
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Posted On June 27, 2023
The IBC recently updated the policy “Use of Glass Pipettes in BSL-2 or Higher Laboratories.” While the substance of the policy remains unchanged, minor edits have been made. We encourage you to ...
Posted On January 19, 2023
Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) Research Involving the Use of Animals
Dear Colleagues: I am writing to you about animal research that requires the use of a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) facility. As you know, certain life sciences research is categorized by ...
Posted On November 17, 2022
Research Policy & Compliance (RPC) 2022-23 Winter Holiday Closure
The Office of Research Policy & Compliance (RPC) will be closed to external business from December 19, 2022 through January 2, 2023 for the Winter Holidays, reopening on Tuesday, January ...
Posted On June 21, 2022
IBC REMINDER: Creating Amendments to your Biological Use Authorization (BUA)
This is a reminder that ANY change to your existing BUA must be submitted to the IBC for review and approval prior to implementation. Amendments may include, but are not ...
Posted On May 4, 2022
30-Day Public Review for UCLA Policy 992
To: Administrative Officers, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, UCLA Health, Vice Chancellors, and Vice Provosts Dear Colleagues: The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities has updated UCLA Policy 992: ...
Posted On April 5, 2022
Important Change to the Continuing Review (CR) Process in SafetyNet for Human Gene Transfer (HGT) Studies
The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) has updated the IBC guidance document, IBC Requirements for Human Gene Transfer (HGT) Studies. Changes to the document largely reflect updates summarized in the April 2019 Amendment of the NIH Guidelines ...
Posted On April 5, 2022
New Biohazard Exposure (ABC) Posters Available
On behalf of EH&S, we are pleased to inform you that new Biohazard Exposure (ABC) posters are available, starting today. The re-designed posters include the new location of Occupational Health (CHS ...