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On February 17, 2022, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) will be updating its process for handling lapsed BUAs. If your BUA has been in a lapsed state with no action in SafetyNet, the system will now automatically close your BUA after 60 days. Any BUAs currently in the SafetyNet system that have already been lapsed for 60 days or more will be closed immediately.

Reminder: IBC Process for Renewals and Closure of Protocols
BUAs are generally approved by the IBC for a period of three years and system-generated notifications are sent to the PI and proxy identified in SafetyNet for continuing review of the BUA as the expiration date approaches. The PI is responsible for submitting, in a timely manner, a continuing review (CR) for their BUA if work is to continue beyond the current approval period. Protocol renewals must be received, reviewed, and approved by the IBC before the expiration of the current protocol in order to avoid disruption of operations. Failure to renew a protocol in advance of the expiration date will put the BUA into a lapsed state and investigators must cease conducting experiments until a renewal is approved.

Lapsed protocols that are not renewed will be closed automatically after 60 days. Possession of and work involving unapproved materials by you and/or your staff constitutes a violation of UCLA policies, funding agency/sponsor requirements, and State and Federal laws. The PI and proxy identified in SafetyNet will be notified of any BUA terminated by the IBC.

Please contact if you have further questions regarding standard BUA closure processes.