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The IBC would like to remind you that all team members listed on your BUA must be up-to-date on all required safety trainings. Failure to meet this requirement may result in untrained individuals being removed from your BUA or other corrective actions, as determined by the IBC.

To view a summary of any trainings that are expired or incomplete, you can go to the Training tab in the BUA workspace. This feature is available when looking at an initial submission (BUA# ending in -001) or an amendment (BUA# ending in -A). The required trainings correspond with the responsibilities that have been identified in the Team Members page of your BUA. In unique circumstances, certain trainings may be waived by the IBC. For instance, the requirement to complete the Lab Safety Fundamentals training may be waived for individuals who strictly work in a clinical setting.

To sign up for classroom trainings or to complete online trainings, personnel should login to Worksafe at

Should you have any questions, please contact the IBC administrative staff at (310) 794-0262 or