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We are pleased to announce a change to the IBC 3-year BUA review process, effective October 25, 2019. This change is intended to minimize burden and confusion within the research community, as well as to speed up the review turn-around time for submissions with no changes.

Previously, in order to continue your IBC approval for another 3 years, you were asked to copy your existing BUA and submit that copy as the renewal application. With the October 25 change, your renewal will be submitted using a specific Continuing Review (CR) smartform. How this works is as follows:

  • 90 days prior to BUA expiration, you will begin receiving monthly expiration reminder notices via email.
    • We strongly recommend that you begin the renewal process when you receive the first (90-day) expiration reminder in order to ensure adequate time for the IBC review process.
  • When you logon to SafetyNet and open your BUA, you (and your proxy) will see a green button labeled “Create Continuing Review” on the left side of the screen. Click this button to create the CR smartform.
  • The CR application is short: just 3 screens!
  • Navigate through each page of the smartform, provide your confirmations and any other requested information, and submit the CR after you’ve finished.
  • If changes are needed to the BUA, submit an amendment application in conjunction with the CR. Instructions for this process are available on the last page of the CR smartform.
  • That’s it!

For assistance with the CR process, contact the IBC Admin team at or 310-794-0262. You may also wish to visit us during our weekly office hours:
Wednesdays, 2-5 PM
CHS 17-132A

IMPORTANT: If you already have a renewal under review, contact the IBC Admin team to discuss whether it is worthwhile to proceed with that renewal or if it should be withdrawn and a CR submitted.

We hope this change allows you more time to conduct your research and welcome your comments and suggestions for further improvements.