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We are pleased to announce that SafetyNet is now integrated with Worksafe, the EH&S system for tracking trainings. You will notice several changes when you login to SafetyNet.

  1. Team Members popup window: When you add an individual to the Team Members page of the BUA, you will immediately see information related to whether the required training is (a) current, (b) expired or (c) not found for each question. For instance, if you indicate that a team member will handle human materials, the system will immediately tell you if that team member is current on Bloodborne Pathogens training.
  2. New Training Tab in BUA Workspace: Within the BUA workspace, a new tab has been added labeled “Training”. In this section, a summary is provided of all individuals that are listed in the BUA and the responses that have been provided to the various questions in the Team Members page. It will also display a summary of any trainings that are (a) current, (b) expired or (c) not found based on the responses provided in the Team Members page.

Please refer to the Integration of SafetyNet and Worksafe screenshots.

If you notice that trainings are listed as expired or not found, visit Worksafe to complete the required training. If you notice any discrepancies with the training information noted in SafetyNet or feel that the information is incorrect, please contact

Please contact the IBC Administrative Staff ( or 310-794-0262) with any questions and concerns.