Transport of animals from UCLA to other institutions, whether domestic or foreign, requires careful planning in order to ensure the safety and security of animals and operators during transit, as well as to fulfill applicable state, federal, and international regulations governing the shipment of animals. Necessary steps may include, but are not limited to:

  • Submission of any required health certificates to the recipient institution;
  • Arrangement for transport with animal shipping companies;
  • Completion of federally-required paperwork (e.g. USDA/APHIS Form 7001);
  • Inspection of animals by a qualified veterinarian or their designee to confirm animals are in good health prior to transfer; and
  • Appropriate packing of animals for transport.

To ensure all safeguards and requirements are met prior to transport, exports of animals to other institutions must be coordinated through the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) and comply with DLAM’s Standard Operating Procedures for animal export. Information and an Export Request form can be obtained on the DLAM website, via the Technical Operations menu (Animal Export Portal).

Approved 6/15/09, Revised 1/9/23
Replaces UCLA SOP for Export of Mice and Rats 4/03