Principal investigators and all research personnel and staff who have contact with live animals for the purpose of research, testing, and/or teaching will be required to participate in the Certification Program prior to gaining access to the vivarium and/or initiating contact with animals. This certification requires (1) completion of an online training module and examination; (2) participation in a species-specific session involving the use of online and wet lab participation with the veterinary staff; and (3) continued enrollment in the occupational health program via annual completion of a Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ). In addition, individuals involved in the conduct of survival surgical procedures are required to complete the Aseptic Surgery wetlab course. As the individual responsible for all aspects of the research project, faculty who employ animals in their research but do not themselves have "hands-on" contact are nonetheless required to obtain certification. Following completion of certification, addition of personnel to the appropriate research protocol(s) is also required prior to initiation of work with animals.