• The attending (responsible) veterinarian has full authority to treat or humanely euthanize animals at his or her discretion. Ideally, this will be done after consultation with the Principal Investigator or responsible members of the research team. However, the attending veterinarian is not required to seek approval from the investigator, the investigator’s department chair, or the Animal Research Committee (ARC) in order to treat or euthanize animals for humane reasons if such actions are judged prudent by the veterinarian for the welfare of the animal.
  • The attending veterinarian may immediately stop research activities conducted under a protocol for humane reasons, or for protocol deviations that have a negative impact on the animal. In cases where a research activity is stopped for veterinary reasons, the incident will be promptly forwarded to the ARC for further review.
  • The attending veterinarian must have unrestricted access to all areas where animals are used or housed (including the vivarium, research laboratories, and research study areas).

Approved 12/10/99; Revised 2/23/04, 9/28/09; Reviewed 2/8/16, 8/8/22