UCLA Behavioral Testing Core

The Behavioral Testing Core is a multidisciplinary core located in the UCLA Psychology Department that is available to all UCLA researchers interested in the determination of behavioral phenotypes in different rodent strains. The Core provides facilities and expertise in the design, implementation, and analysis of behavioral experiments and offers assistance to investigators in preparing animal research protocols for submission to the ARC. Please visit the UCLA Behavioral Testing Core website for detailed information on services, guidelines, and contacts.

UCLA Mouse Physiology Core

The Mouse Physiology Laboratory is a core research facility dedicated to the phenotypic assessment of mouse and rat models using a wide variety of integrative approaches. The Core aims to provide a cost effective means for investigators to reveal important functional aspects of their mouse and rodent models without having to individually invest in specialized training of personnel and the purchase of expensive instrumentation. The Core works with investigators to design and implement the study along with any associated grant, animal protocol and manuscript preparation. Please visit the Mouse Physiology Core website for additional information.

Dedicated Surgical Facilities

The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) maintains dedicated surgical facilities in the Center for Health Sciences (CHS) that are available for use by UCLA investigators. For additional information on the DLAM surgical facilities, please contact the DLAM Lab/Clinic at (310) 825-4505.

Other Core Facilities

Information about additional core facilities is available here.

Page Last Updated: December 13, 2013