Action Required on Day of Notification

Deficiencies that significantly affect or threaten the health, welfare, or safety of animals:
  • Animals without food or water
  • Animals exhibiting signs of pain, distress, or other criteria for premature termination
  • Animals requiring treatment or observation
  • Improper anesthesia, analgesia, or euthanasia procedures
  • Hazardous materials stored in close proximity to animals
  • Unlabeled solutions
  • Improper animal transport
  • Missing or defective drain covers that may allow for animal escape or injury
  • Defective water lixits or other water problems with potential for flooding

Action Required Within 24 Hours of Notification

Deficiencies that can significantly affect the health, welfare, or safety of animals:
  • Incompatible animals housed together
  • Overcrowded cages, multiple litters
  • Failure to monitor animals daily
  • Expired food; food not labeled with milling date
  • Expired drugs; drugs not labeled with expiration/preparation date
  • Dirty cages, feeders, water bottles
  • Overdue suture/wound clip removal
  • Lack of environmental enrichment
  • Inappropriate drug storage
  • Inadequate light cycle, defective or no light timer
  • Temperature outside recommended range (contact Facilities Management within 24 hours)
  • Excessive noise (contact Industrial Hygiene within 24 hours)
  • Inadequate illumination (contact Industrial Hygiene within 24 hours)

Action Required Within 30 Days of Notification

Deficiencies that do not significantly threaten the health, welfare, or safety of animals:
  • Inadequate record-keeping, identification
  • Improper storage of food/bedding
  • Overcrowded rooms
  • Facility issues (e.g., peeling paint, cracks, holes; rusty equipment, doors, etc.) - contact Facilities Management within 7 business days
  • Sanitation (extraneous/non-sanitizable items; uncovered supplies; dirty equipment, floors, etc.)
  • Defective or no hygrometer, waste bin
  • No pest control traps
  • Hoods requiring re-test/filter change (contact Industrial Hygiene within 7 business days)
  • Use of non-pharmaceutical-grade substances without approval
  • Lack of animal emergency plan
  • Lack of emergency lighting in surgery areas
  • Lack of flow meter on CO2 equipment
  • Single housed animals without documentation
  • Presence of glue boards

Action Required By Other Deadline as Determined by Inspection Team

Deficiencies that, in the judgment of the inspection team, should be addressed within another specified timeframe:
  • Personnel requiring additional training
  • Modification of surgical procedures (e.g., implementation of aseptic surgical techniques, provision of appropriate heat source) - correct by next surgery
  • Humidity outside recommended range (increase monitoring of animals for humidity-related health problems and contact Facilities Management if humidity does not return to recommended range; timeframe for correction to be determined on a case-by-case basis by the inspection team based on severity/duration of problem)
  • Other recommendations
Approved 7/22/02; Revised 7/26/04, 2/9/09, 11/3/14