The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) is responsible for providing veterinary care and has access to all animals for evaluation of their health and well-being. Both the Animal Welfare Act Regulations and Public Health Service Policy state that the attending veterinarian has the authority to oversee the welfare of the animals in all areas, including the use of sedatives, analgesics or anesthetics, husbandry and nutrition, sanitation practices, zoonoses control, and hazard containment. The Attending Veterinarian is not required to seek approval from the investigator, the investigator's department chair, or the Animal Research Committee in order to treat or euthanize animals for humane reasons. In the event of an emergency, DLAM will make a reasonable attempt to contact the principal investigator; however, the veterinarian has the authority to exercise his/her professional judgment and treat or euthanize any animal that may require such action. For additional information on policies and procedures regarding the humane care and use of research animals, consult the ARC website, a DLAM veterinarian, and/or the ARC administrative staff (x66308).