Changes in Procedures

ARC approval is limited to the protocol described in this application. Significant changes to a research protocol must be reviewed and approved by the ARC prior to initiation of such changes. Significant changes include, but are not limited to, the following: changes in personnel, changes in species or in the number of animals requested; changes in anesthetics or analgesics; changes in the method of euthanasia; or changes in the degree of invasiveness of a procedure or discomfort to an animal. As with new and renewal applications, all continuation or amendment applications for procedural changes must be pre-reviewed by the Veterinarian prior to submission of the addendum application to the ARC. Contact the ARC administrative staff at ext. 66308 or by email for further consultation regarding the nature of "significant changes to a protocol," or for assistance in creating/submitting an amendment application.

Changes in Funding

Likewise, the ARC must be informed of the addition of a new funding source to an approved protocol through the submission of an amendment. In most cases, the Office of Contact & Grant Administration will not distribute funds until it has received notice that the ARC has approved the addition of the new funding agency.

Changes in Personnel

Requests to add personnel who will be involved in the animal procedures must be submitted and approved before the personnel can be permitted to work with animals. Personnel who are not listed in the RATS database can be added by clicking on the "People" menu on the top of your screen and then selecting "Enter New Person." To avoid creating duplicate entries, you must enter their correct 9-digit UID number. You must contact the ARC administrative staff to add new personnel who do not have a UID (e.g., volunteers or new employees who have not been added to the University's payroll system).