Campus Resources

  • Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ)
    In accordance with University Policy, annual completion of this form is mandatory for all personnel having contact with research animals or animal tissues and all personnel who have a security key card or key to enter the vivarium. Forms can be submitted online at the above address.
  • Medical History Questionnaire Waiver Form for Visitors
    In lieu of submitting the Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ) form, visitors may complete the MHQ Waiver Form provided they: 1) are not UCLA faculty, staff or students and 2) will only have transient contact with animals or animal or human tissue for a period of time not to exceed 3 days. All others must complete the MHQ. 
  • Occupational Health Facility (OHF)
    Provides information on injury protocol, getting treatment or protection, zoonoses, animal handling, minimum occupational health requirements, and services provided by OHF and Student Health. OHF is located at 67-120 Center for Health Sciences.
  • Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM)
    Provides information on zoonoses and safety practices in the care and use of research animals.
  • Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)
    Provides information on accident prevention, biological safety, hazardous materials management, industrial hygiene, and radiation safety.

Page Last Updated: December 13, 2013