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The ARC Policy on Tumor Development in Rodents has recently been revised; the updated Policy is available on the Tumor Development in Rodents web page.

An important change to the policy pertains to the use of tumor size limits. Previously, the ARC required euthanasia if tumor burden exceeded 1.5 cm in mice or 2.5 cm in rats, with exceptions to these limits requiring scientific justification. The revised Policy eliminates size limits and places emphasis on how tumor burden impacts the health and well-being of affected animals.

The updated Policy will be applied to the review of new and renewal protocol applications going forward; however, you must continue to follow the criteria described in your currently approved protocol. If you wish to use the criteria described in the updated Policy, you must first amend your protocol. Review of such amendments will be expedited.

Please contact the Office of Animal Research Oversight at 310-206-6308 or if you have any questions.