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The ARC recently updated the Policy, Tracking and Reporting Animal Numbers. You may recall that this Policy was implemented in 2015, following our 2014 AAALAC site visit, in order to address concerns from the site visit team regarding the absence of a mechanism by which the ARC could ensure that investigators do not use animals in excess of the number approved in their experimental protocol(s). The Policy pertains only to counting and tracking animals that are 1) generated by UCLA breeding protocols, 2) captured or studied in the wild, or 3) purchased directly from a supplier independent of DLAM. Labs that order experimental animals solely through DLAM are NOT impacted by this Policy.

The main update to the Policy involves the addition of a subsection related to counting and tracking aquatics. This new section was approved by the ARC following a short period during which zebrafish researchers were invited to comment. The updated Policy is available at the Tracking and Reporting Animal Numbers web page.

We encourage you to review this Policy with your research team to ensure understanding of the responsibilities set forth by the ARC.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 310-206-6308 or if you have any questions.