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We are writing to request your help in fulfilling our regulatory responsibilities. In short, it is critically important that you submit your triennial review applications for your ARC protocols as soon as possible after receiving the first reminder notice from RATS, around 90 days prior to ARC expiration.

This lead time is necessary due to the multiple components of the review process, the number of reviewers involved for each application (administrators, scientists, veterinarians, community representatives), and the sheer volume of applications we receive daily. 

Extension of ARC approval beyond the protocol expiration date unfortunately cannot be granted, due to federal regulations. Once a protocol expires, even if the triennial review has been submitted and is under review, all experimentation under that protocol must cease. While the ARC office does everything in its power to prioritize the review of protocols that are due to expire, it is incumbent upon you to submit your applications far enough in advance of the expiration date to allow adequate time for review and for making any necessary modifications.

Your partnership in this process is much appreciated and will ensure that your ground-breaking research efforts can continue uninterrupted. Should you have any questions or require assistance with your protocol, please do not hesitate to reach out to the ARC administrative office.