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In 2012, the ARC implemented a change in approval periods, such that research with non-USDA regulated species is approved on a 3-year cycle, while protocols using regulated species and/or funded by DOD are reviewed annually. Since this change, protocols have been granted 1- or 3- year approvals accordingly.

We are now approaching a point in time when a batch of protocols that received 3-year approvals are due for their de novo review (i.e., renewal); however, due to logic built into RATS, the system will expect that a continuation be filed. In order to allow for the appropriate submission type, we will be renumbering all experimental protocols that do not use USDA regulated species or receive DOD support, and that end in a 1 (e.g., -01/-11/-21), as well as any amendment versions (e.g., -01A, -12B, etc), so that they end in a 3. This will allow RATS to create a renewal application as needed when the renewal is due.

Some examples to help you understand this change are provided below:

Protocol Number Now Expiration Date Renumbered Protocol
2014-001-01 8/1/2017 2014-001-03
2014-002-01A 8/1/2017 2014-002-03A
2014-003-03 8/1/2017 No change

Please note that applications under review when the renumbering occurs will be impacted by this change.