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Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) has launched a new outreach initiative aimed at increasing transparency around animal research. “Come See Our World” (CSOW) is a program that relies on the public display and distribution of photographs and videos that accurately reflect animal care and research. From the website:

Come See Our World (CSOW) is your window into the world of life changing research involving animals. We invite you to see the animals that are integral to medical progress. Advancements in human and animal health would not be possible without these important animals, as well as their caregivers, researchers, non-animal models, and human volunteers.

The goal of CSOW is to replace outdated, inaccurate images of animal research with current, accurate views. So far, the website contains recent photos of rodents, primates, dogs, cats, farm animals, aquatic animals (fish and frogs), and other animals like rabbits, pigeons, and ferrets in research settings. The site will continue to grow as more pictures and articles are added and will be a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about and promoting the accurate dissemination of animal research-related information.