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In partnership between the Animal Research Committee (ARC) and ARC administrative staff, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM), and Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S), we ask you to direct your attention to the attachment entitled “Animals Outside Vivaria” in regards to updated emergency procedures.

Previously, the ARC asked you to maintain a copy of the UCLA Animal Emergency Plan in your laboratory as a resource for how to respond to unplanned events that could result in injury or damage. Over the years, we have observed that personnel responses to different emergencies and disasters share common basic features that can be distilled down to those steps articulated in the “Animals Outside Vivaria” decision tree. In the event of an emergency, rather than paging through a 70+ page document, please refer to this single page as your source for instructions intended for research animals that are located outside of the vivarium.

Please review this information with your lab staff members and document this review using the attached training documentation form. Everyone in the lab should know how to use and where to find the “Animals Outside Vivaria” decision tree.

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring a safe campus for humans and animals alike. Please refer questions to