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Please see the below announcement from our friends in DLAM. Please contact Dr. Torres ( or Ms. Schimmel ( if you have any questions.

MediGel Cups No Longer Available from Clear H2O – Carprofen Cups Are Available Ready-Made in the DLAM Pharmacy

Until further notice, ClearH2O has made the decision, in consultation with the FDA, to stop the manufacturing, marketing and sale of their current medicated products, including MediGel® CPF, MediGel® MLX, MediGel® TMS, MediGel® FBZ, and MediDrop® FBZ.

An alternative to MediGel medicated products is to use MediGel Sucralose. This has a soft, gel texture that enhances consumption, and uses 99% purified water and low calorie sweetener to mask medicinal tastes. MediGel Sucralose replaces the water bottle and MUST be used as the sole hydration source during treatment. One cup of MediGel Sucralose medicates and hydrates 4-5 mice for 2 days.

Labs can mix their own medication into the MediGel cups OR purchase carprofen cups ready-made from the DLAM Pharmacy ( A Pharmacy Request Form (“DLAM Pharmacy Services”) can be completed on the DLAM website, request a “carprofen cup” or a “carprofen – sucralose cup.”

See information on the MediGel Sucralose and directions for mixing drugs into it.

If you have any questions on using these cups, please contact Dr. Cris Torres  or Animal Health Technician (AHT) Anastasia Schimmel at


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