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Two years ago, the ARC implemented a change in approval periods, such that research with non-USDA regulated species is approved on a 3-year cycle, while protocols using regulated species are reviewed annually. During the year and a half since this change, protocols have been granted 1-, 2-, or 3- year approvals depending on when the 3-year cycle from initial approval or last renewal was scheduled to end.

We are now approaching a point in time when those protocols that received 2-year approvals are due for their 3-year de novo review (i.e., renewal); however, due to logic built into RATS, the system will expect that a continuation be filed. In order to allow for the appropriate submission type, we will be renumbering all protocols that end in 1 (e.g., -01/-11/-21) and 2 (e.g., -02/-12/-22), as well as any amendment versions (e.g., -01A, -12B, etc), so that they end in a 3. This will allow RATS to create a renewal application as needed when the renewal is due.

Some examples to help you understand this change are provided below:

Protocol Number Now Expiration Date Renumbered Protocol
2011-001-02 8/1/2014 2011-001-03
2012-001-03 8/1/2014 No change
2013-001-01A 8/1/2015 2013-001-03A

Please note that applications under review when the renumbering occurs will be impacted by this change.