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As you know, UCLA uses the nationally recognized Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program to train animal users on regulatory guidelines and individual responsibilities. UCLA uses CITI because the content is extensively reviewed, critiqued and updated; the program meets federal requirements; and certification is transferable to and from other institutions. In addition to the Animal Research course that has been required of all animal users for many years, UCLA recently obtained access to species-specific training content on the CITI website and many individuals have already completed various online courses.

Beginning July 1, 2017, the ARC will require that new personnel intending to work with mammals other than mice and rats complete the relevant CITI course prior to participating in species-specific training through DLAM. For example, a new user planning to work with rabbits must complete the CITI course, “Working with Rabbits in Research Settings – Basic Course,” prior to attending DLAM rabbit user training. DLAM will require that you bring a copy of your species-specific completion record from CITI to the in-person training.

To access CITI species-specific courses, login to the CITI website and navigate to the bottom of your Main Menu. Under your course list, you will see the header, “My Learner Tools for University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).” Click Add a Course, then answer the questions on the following page (note: some questions require an answer) and click Submit. Your Main Menu will now include the new course(s) and will display the status and completion record.

The ARC believes that the online CITI courses will provide valuable information to new animal users. Please provide feedback on these courses to