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Please see the below message from UCLA Environment, Health & Safety.

The UC Center for Laboratory Safety, Safety Training Consortium (STC) has released a new waste anesthetic gas training for researchers that use gas anesthetics in their animal research activities. We ask that you visit Worksafe and direct your attention to the newly published training entitled “Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) Online Training.” This new training can be found by the course ID “ENV-WAG-OL” or by searching the course name. The Worksafe training will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

EH&S Animal Research Safety and Industrial Hygiene are both available for waste anesthetic gas safety concerns and questions. Please book a virtual WAG consultation through the Bookings application for safety concerns surrounding waste anesthetic gases, anesthetic machines, scavenging systems or setting up a new anesthetic machine.

We encourage you to grow your knowledge and enhance your safety by completing the WAG training on Worksafe. Please refer questions to