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The Chancellor’s Animal Research Committee (ARC) and Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) are pleased to announce the launch of the Support and Training for Animal Research Staff (STARS) Program.

This voluntary, self-referral program will provide laboratory personnel with collaborative, team-oriented support on the following topics:

  • ARC inspections
  • Administrative processes (e.g., record-keeping)
  • Protocols and RATS
  • Surgical procedures (e.g., aseptic technique, surgical set-up, equipment)

Regardless of whether you make use of the STARS program, know that the ARC, DLAM, and the ARC administrative staff are here to support your research efforts and are interested in your feedback, including ways to help move your research forward and efforts to reduce administrative burden.

For more information about the STARS Program, contact the ARC administrative staff at or 310-206-6308.