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DLAM is in the early stages of setting up a secure, centralized website for the exchange of animals from protocols of UCLA investigators with excess animals to protocols of investigators in need of animals (either for experimental procedures, or for euthanasia and tissue collection).

Until the online system is up and running, you may complete a 10-question document and send it to Clinical Veterinarian Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves (, who will then attempt to match labs with each other.

The labs will be responsible for filling out the proper paperwork (such as the Animal Transfer forms, available online at DLAM’s website) and also making sure they get all the information and details they need from the lab supplying the animal(s). DLAM assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information it shares between the labs, be they the donor or the recipient.

Please remember that animals obtained through this exchange may only be used in accordance with a current ARC approved animal use protocol.

You may forward any comments or questions about S.E.A.R.S. to Dr. Zahorsky-Reeves at x40255 or