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After many months of collaboration among representatives of the ARC, DLAM, Occupational Health, Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center (The Ashe Center), and DGSOM Digital Technology, we are pleased to announce changes we believe will enhance the Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ) program for individuals working with animals, animal tissues, and/or accessing the vivarium.

Effective January 28, 2021, an updated version of the MHQ web application is now available. While the MHQ website remains the same, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Access to the site is now via UCLA Logon ID or AD/Mednet ID.
  • Language in the online questionnaire has been updated to reflect current vaccination and other surveillance requirements.
  • Progress of the MHQ (submission and clearance emails, etc.) will be sent to the PI or Supervisor in addition to the submitter.
  • On the back end of the online process, unpaid student worker MHQs will be evaluated by personnel in The Ashe Center.
  • Upon “approval” of an MHQ, workers will be cleared for a species (e.g., bats) or group of species (e.g., “swine or birds” as a category), rather than receive general clearance. This is important information for PIs and workers to be aware of if/when there is a change in species being used in the lab or a worker changes labs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as these improvements are implemented. Do not hesitate to contact Occupational Health (faculty & staff) or The Ashe Center (students) if you have questions about your MHQ. As always, you can contact the ARC administrative team if you have general questions and to discuss the MHQ process relative to your ARC protocols.