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The below announcement is shared on behalf of our colleagues in EH&S. Please contact Industrial Hygiene Manager Neil Mansky with any questions.

The following Waste Anesthetic Gas awareness videos are now available for viewing on Worksafe. These videos are highly recommended for all users of table top lab animal anesthesia systems to better understand the proper setup and use of these systems, prevent WAG leaks and learn safety precautions for gas system tanks.

Overview of Waste Anesthetic Gas System

This introductory video provides an explanation of a tabletop lab animal anesthesia system set up, including: the components (activated charcoal filter, flow meter, vaporizers, dual diverter, induction chamber); reading of flow rates; recommendations for nose cone and induction chamber flow rates; and best practices for filling a vaporizer.

How to Prevent Waste Anesthetic Gas Leaks

Learn best practices for performing a leak test, maintaining a tight seal and proper use of a nose cone diaphragm to prevent release of WAG into the workplace.

Waste Anesthetic Gas System Tanks

Learn safety precautions for work with waste anesthetic gas system tanks, including the types of oxygen tanks and an overview of the oxygen system.

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