The Academic Radiation Safety Committee (ARSC) is responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of radiological procedures in non-human indications.

The ARSC meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of the month.

Committee Membership

Voting Members

Name Department
Chair – Magnus Dahlbom, PhD Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Vice-Chair – Duilio Cascio, PhD Genomics and Proteomics
Robert Acha, PhD EH&S – Radiation Safety Officer
Judah Farahi, PhD VA Healthcare System – Cyclotron Facility
Feng Guo, PhD Biological Chemistry
Arion Hadjioannou, PhD Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Reza Jahan, MD Radiology

Non-voting Members

Name Department
Dina Boktor ORA – Radiation Safety Committees
Colin Dimock AVC EH&S
Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD AVC Radiation Safety
Suketukumar Patel EH&S – Radiation Safety
Aldrich Rivera EH&S – Radiation Safety
Bryan Ruiz EH&S – Radiation Safety