The Clinical Operations Radiation Safety Committee (CORSC) is responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of radiological procedures in clinical care.

The CORSC meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month.

Committee Membership

Voting Members

Name Department
Chair – Justin McWilliams, MD Interventional Radiology
Vice-Chair – Nzhde Agazaryan, PhD, DABR Radiation Oncology
Robert Acha, PhD EH&S – Radiation Safety Officer
Erick Ascencio Cardiology
Richard Azar UCLA Health Systems
Christopher Cagnon, PhD Radiology
Jonathan Chen Radiology
Pawan Gupta, MD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Renee Johnson, RN, MSN Interventional Radiology
Melissa Prado, PhD UCLA Health EH&S
Cecilia Ortiz Rodriguez Radiology
Vinis Salazar Radiology

Non-voting Members

Name Department
Dina Boktor RPC – Radiation Safety Committees
Vahe Mamyan EH&S – Radiation Safety Officer
Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD AVC Radiation Safety
Bryan Ruiz EH&S – Radiation Safety
Daniel Wahl Ancillary Clinical System Support