The responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of a radiation safety program belongs to the Radiation Safety Committees (RSC). At UCLA, the RSC and the four subcommittees; the Academic Radiation Safety Committee (ARSC), the Clinical Operations Radiation Committee (CORSC), the Medical Radiation Safety Committee (MRSC), and the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC), are responsible for the policies and procedures pertaining to the use of radiation.

The RSC meets monthly.

Committee Membership

Voting Members

Name Department
Chair – Martin Allen-Auerbach, MD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Vice-Chair – Magnus Dahlbom, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Robert Acha, PhD EH&S – Radiation Safety Officer
Jorge Barrio, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Bryan Ruiz EH&S
Albert Chang, MD Radiation Oncology

Non-voting Members

Name Department
Dina Boktor RPC – Radiation Safety Committees
Vahe Mamyan Health Systems EH&S – Associate Radiation Safety Officer
Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD AVC Radiation Safety
Mary Rosenbluth EH&S – Alternate Radiation Safety Officer