The UCLA Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) operates under the provisions of 21 CFR 361.1 and is responsible for the evaluation of all proposals that involve the use of radioactive drugs in humans without an IND when the drug is administered under the following conditions:

  • The research is considered basic science research and is done for the purpose of advancing scientific knowledge. Under § 361.1(a), this type of research is:
    • intended to obtain basic information regarding the metabolism (including kinetics, distribution, dosimetry, and localization) of a radioactive drug or regarding human physiology, pathophysiology, or biochemistry,
    • not intended for immediate therapeutic, diagnostic or similar purposes (e.g. preventive benefit to the study subject from the research), and
    • not intended to determine the safety and effectiveness of a radioactive drug in humans.

The RDRC meets quarterly.

Committee Membership

Voting Members

Name Department
Chair – Jorge Barrio, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Vice-Chair – Magnus Dahlbom, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Robert Acha, PhD EH&S – Radiation Safety Officer
Nzhde Agazaryan, PhD, DABR Radiation Oncology
Gholam Berenji, MD VA Healthcare System
Christopher Cagnon, PhD Radiology
Albert Chang, MD Radiation Oncology
Antoinette Gomes, MD Radiology
Sung-Cheng Huang, ScD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Jie Liu, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Nagichettiar Satyamurthy, PhD Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Jonathan Tobis, MD Cardiology

Non-voting Members

Name Department
Dina Boktor RPC – Radiation Safety Committees
Michael McNitt-Gray, PhD AVC Radiation Safety
Mark Mimnaugh Office of the Human Research Protection Program
Bryan Ruiz EH&S – Radiation Safety