General Information for PIs

The following is important information when submitting your application through webIRB:

  1. Standard of Care and Non-standard of Care Radiological Procedures: Please specially describe which radiological procedures are considered standard of care and which are considered non-standard of care for the research protocol being submitted. Separate your description for Radiation-Producing Machines, Radioactive Material and Radiation Therapy.
  2. Internal Radiation Dosimetry: Internal radiation dosimetry estimates MUST be provided for radiation producing machines, radioactive material and radiation therapy if the protocol is to be processed as RDRC. Otherwise, dosimetry estimates will be provided during the review process.
  3. Informed Consent Form: The Informed Consent form must include information on potential risks to the research subject from exposure to radiation. Link to “UCLA CONSENT FORM STANDARDS AND SAMPLE LANGUAGE” for greater than minimal risk studies and scroll down to the Risks language. You will find the various standard statements to be used for risks related to radiation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Research involving radiation cannot start until both IRB and MRSC approval is received.

Committee Process

  1. Administrative Review: Administrative Review will be required once the protocol is submitted. This is done to ensure that the required protocol information has been completed. If necessary, the protocol will be returned to the Principal Investigator for revisions.
  2. Technical Review and Committee: In the interest of protecting human subjects, a technical review will be performed in order to determine if the protocol conforms with all legal and regulatory requirements concerning radiation exposure to humans. The committee will assess radiation dosimetry for human subjects and review the informed consent language. If necessary, the committee will request revisions from the Principal Investigator.
  3. Decision Letter: Shortly after review and revisions, as needed, a decision letter will be sent to the Principal Investigator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Research involving radiation cannot start until both IRB and MRSC approval is received.